SoS: Songs of Scripture, is a ministry which is based on the promise of Psalm 107:20, "He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions." We sing and pray scriptures to create an atmosphere where God is exalted, and Holy Spirit can move with healing and deliverance.


 It was in the midst of deep sorrow, walking the halls Children's Hospital LA as our daughter battled a life threatening disease, that SoS was formed as we began clinging to the promises in my scripture songs for peace and comfort.

 Now we take those songs to healing rooms, homes, hospitals, to bring that same peace and comfort that we received.

 Lynn asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior in 1992, and has become a powerful intercessor and exhorter of women in her life.

 Wes committed his life to Jesus in 1970, and has become a Psalmist; writing and recording songs from scripture, and singing them all around the world.

 Each scripture song is a promise from God that will transform anyone willing to apply them. The lyrics are from the Bible, and the melodies flow from Wes' heart, and are intended to be repetitive so that the truth of the scripture can be retained. We have seen many lives deeply touched by these promises.

We hope you enjoy the music, and are encouraged by the truth of God's promises.


Wes and Lynn




SoS: Wes and Lynn Gorospe - Song Writer, Musician, Worship Leader; Intercessory Prayer Warrior

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Our email list

Our email list

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