November 1-9, 2019- Immerse at IHOP/KC; "How to Build a House of Prayer"

Nov. 26, 2019 - "Evening of Worship and Healing" with Camarillo Healing Rooms at Jubilee Church, Camarillo.

Tuesdays in December - Camarillo Healing Rooms at Jubilee Church.

December 31, 2019 - "Regional, Ventura County, Evening of Worship and Healing" with Camarillo Healing Rooms at Jubilee Church: 

Psalm 133 says that when we dwell together in unity, anointing flows, and the Lord commands blessing. 

Isaiah 60 says ARISE, SHINE, because our light has come; people will see this glory and run to us. 

All of us are little lights, little fires spread out around our area. God is calling us to come together, to combine our little fires in unity and create a large bonfire, a united sacrifice of praise to Him. He is calling us to ARISE and shine as one so that He can pour out anointing, so that He can command blessing. 

Instead of watching “the ball drop” by ourselves, let’s choose to unite our worship and prayer to “Lift Him UP”. Let’s welcome the 2020 vision that God has for us together in UNITY. 

December 31, Camarillo Healing Rooms is hosting a Special New Year’s Evening of Worship and Healing from 6pm-midnight. It will be held at Jubilee Church in Camarillo. There will be 3 worship groups from around Ventura county creating an atmosphere for soaking, prophetic ministry, healing, prophetic art, dance… 

Father is ready to command the blessing. 

Holy Spirit is ready to pour out His anointing. 

Jesus has already paid for it all. 

God is waiting for you and me to come together in unity. 

Will you come??


**March 2020 - Ministry in Israel; (PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING INTO THIS TRIP BY DONATIONS [click GIVE button above and on CHR site, choose Songs of Scripture from drop down menu] OR BUYING OUR MUSIC) Thanks. This event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 lock down...


The Shelter in Place orders have given birth to our new Vodcasts: "Worship With The Word" that can be seen on Facebook or YouTube.

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