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Healing of Heart from Songs of Scripture Ministry   Kim writes: The worship music in the sanctuary absolutely touched my heart.  The scripture songs brought healing to my heart which I appreciate, as I’m going through a difficult time.  I want to acknowledge God’s gift and presence here tonight.  Thank you so very much! 4-23-19.
The Lord is truly directing your paths, and we are delighted so be a part of watching you respond to His love! We are so grateful for your help with the ascent psalms at the end of the Last Supper! The Lord is well pleased with both you and Lynn! Love you both! M & C
Wes's music ministry is awesome. It fills the spot that's missing in all the big worship sound with much needed Scripture meditation. Much like John Michael Talbot in a contemporary version. Thanks Wes!
Thank you for all your beautiful music
This is excellent and I can feel the presence of God on it, very powerful and soothing and refreshing ... thanks Wes
Fantastic Wes! Great stuff
Thanks Wes this is a powerful message and great news that your songs are being translated.
I think the "Psalm 1" song is good. I listen to it and I feel happy. That's all I can say, I'm not a musician. LoL.
You are a great inspiration and encouragement to me. God bless all that you do for His glory.
Dear Wes, I came here tonight (to the Healing Rooms) because I was having a hard day - feeling a profound alone-ness. I had not planned on coming down here but the Lord told me to come and sit in His presence. I honestly had thought of there being any worship - I just wanted to soak in an atmosphere of faith. You singing the word resonated in my spirit; I felt the truth of the word vibrating deep in my soul and I'm leaving so much more full than I came in. I heard the Lord say, "you're on the right track."
Thank you, Wes, for obeying God and recording these songs from scripture. They are comforting and encouraging to me.
Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer that required immediate surgery followed by chemotherapy. I found that listening to worship music, especially the CDs by Wes Michael Gorospe, was especially helpful during the days when I felt the worst. The Word of God is so powerful! This music lifted my mood, encouraged me, and reminded me of the One who holds my life in His hands. Not only are these songs emotionally and spiritually uplifting, but they are also a great way to memorize scripture.
It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of Wes Gorospe and Songs of the Scripture. Wes has been my friend for over 20 years; I have followed he and his family through some of the most stressing times of his life and I have rejoiced with him is seeing God triumph...every time. I can strongly attest to the strength of his character and the integrity of his life. In our weekly prayer meetings, he consistently gives rich, godly counsel and reflects a deep relationship with God. His recordings are a constant joy and a life-giving resource in my life. Being in the business of helping people memorize and "implant" the word of God, I recognize the power that singing the word has on both the heart and mind for retention and character change. God has birthed a new awakening in the Christian community with timely and timeless new songs. Wes and his songs are a vital part of that movement. He is a living testimony to the Apostle Paul's words, "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord" (Col. 3:16). I wholeheartedly endorse and affirm the man and his precious gifts from God. Dan Peters, president Picture This Ministries/ The Picture Smart Bible
This letter of endorsement is written on the behalf of Wes Gorospe. Our names are Steve and Shirley Quon, and we are Co-Founders of Restoration Ministries, an inner healing ministry at Jubilee Church, Camarillo, CA. Shirley is an ordained pastor of inner healing. We have known Wes and his wife, Lynn, for 15 years through our mutual attendance and service at Jubilee Church. Wes and Steve have ministered on the Praise and Worship team at Jubilee for over 10 years, and pray together weekly with several other men of the church. Very recently we had our annual Freedom Encounter (Feb 23-25) which is an annual weekend teaching and ministry on inner healing. Wes provided wonderful solo music during the Encounter which really brought in the presence of the Holy Spirit, especially during ministry time. Wes is an excellent musician, composer, and Spirit-filled servant of the Lord. His composed songs are filled with Scriptural truths that provide encouragement to all. We highly endorse Wes’s ministry. We will be happy to provide any further information (wsquon@yahoo.com) God Bless, Steve and Shirley Quon Co-Founders, Restoration Ministries Jubilee Church, Camarillo
Wes Michael is a man after God’s own heart. His songs reflect the sound of Heaven through a submitted vessel on earth. Like David, the beloved psalmist of Israel, Wes displays the expression of true worship wherever he goes. Holy Spirit anointing flows through him and his songs as he ministers and lives are changed in Jesus’ Name. Wes has been our worship leader in many of our miracle crusades both locally and internationally in Canada. He was there when our outreach team was only 3 of us. As he played and sang the scripture songs, Holy Spirit hovered over the area drawing people to Jesus. Back sliders, gang members, witches, drug dealers, the oppressed, the sick, the destitute, whole families, teens and children all responded to the call of the Spirit “Come to Jesus”. He was there when there were a few and when there were many. One time in Victoria, BC in a miracle service, the local band was playing but nothing was happening. As a healing evangelist, I rely heavily on the anointing. The “Power of God was Not present to heal”. I called Wes up to sing the Word to the Lord. From the onset Holy Spirit came and filled the entire church. Everyone could sense His presence. The infirm And oppressed rose up in faith. Within minutes I began to minister under a heavy blanket of the anointing. Now Jesus was present to heal and to save. And that’s what He did. All believed and all received. Oh the glory of the Lord. He is so awesome!! These are just a couple of examples that I have personally witnessed of the Spirit that rests upon and dwells within Wes Michael the “beloved psalmist of Jesus”. I endorse and highly recommend my dear brother Wes as a faithful and true, anointed worship leader for Jesus Christ. Ps. Larry Bingman Touch of Jesus Ministries Senior Evangelist Jubilee Church Camarillo, CA.
I would like to endorse SoS’s originator, Wes Gorospe and the songs being produced by this ministry. We have known Wes for many years and his love for the Lord and His people have always been very evident. Wes and Lynn have ministered in the church for various groups and outside of our church as well. Numerous reports of healing and deliverances have been received by those experiencing transformation through these songs. These songs are played during the Camarillo Healing Rooms and are ushering in the presence of the Lord for those receiving the healing touch of the Lord. -- Brian Rogers Executive Pastor Jubilee Church 1169 Calle Suerte Camarillo, CA 93012 805-482-5424 x16
Love Jeshurun...so worshipful.
Hi Wes! Good content here, look forward to exploring.