Wes Michael Gorospe


O Righteous Father; Jn. 17

by Wes Michael Gorospe

Released 2018
Wes Michael Music
Released 2018
Wes Michael Music
O Righteous Father is taken from John 17, a chapter in which Jesus is praying to Father God for us who believe. This song feels like a big hug from Jesus, and Him telling Father how much He loves us.
O Righteous Father, from John 17, is clearly the most intimate prayer Jesus prayed concerning us who believe…and the song only captures part of what He said.

When Jesus says to Father God, “and I love them as You love Me, and I do love them as You have loved Me”, you can feel the passion with which God’s love embraces us. The love between Father and Son is unmistakable…what is heart warming is the love Jesus has for us.

This song is a warm embrace from the Lord to you and me. Even with all of our warts and failures, His perfect Agape love proves more powerful and deep than one could possibly imagine.

Enjoy the embrace!