Wes Michael Gorospe


Glory to Glory

by Wes Michael Gorospe

Released 2019
Released 2019
Glory to Glory is a joyful yet powerful song set to a Latin/Salsa rhythm...get your dancing shoes on...!!!
Glory to Glory is a joyful and powerful song in a Latin/Salsa package; so get your dancing shoes on.
All of the songs on my latest CD, “Life Changing Words”,have different flavors, so to speak. “Psalm One” is a fun reggae song, as is “Thank You.” On the other hand, “O Righteous Father” is a serious ballad, while “New Creation” is almost entirely acoustic…
The one cohesive characteristic of the CD is that every song is a promise taken from Bible scripture. The promises from the Word have a clear purpose; to build faith in the hearer, to heal and deliver, to comfort and challenge. If you the listener will allow yourself to be immersed in the music and lyrics, it will change you forever…that is a promise.
So, as you listen, be encouraged, be built up, be healed, be changed, and become all that you are destined to be.