Wes Michael Gorospe


Eye Has Not Seen

by Wes Michael Gorospe

Released 2017
Released 2017
This ballad speaks to the longing in each of our hearts for the fulfillment of promises made; in this case, the promises were made by the lover of our soul, God Himself. The ending crescendo leads us to a deep place of worship as we see He's faithful.
The longing of our hearts is to see (become aware), and to be seen (to be noticed, appreciated, loved). The underlying current in "Eye Has Not Seen" is that there IS someone who has seen and heard the cries of our hearts, and He has made plans to give us a Future and a Hope that would blow us away if we were made aware of the full scope of His plan before we were ready to walk in it. The one thing that He looks for in return for this amazing provision of our heart's desire is intimacy (love). His love is an unending, unconditional, bigger than we can imagine love that He longs to lavish upon us if only we would acknowledge it and reciprocate in our small way. So, go ahead and open up your heart to real unconditional love...it will have you soaring above the clouds. Wes Michael